About Campaign

"To get a friend to become a friend"


Gift India, your ultimate destination bringing you the joy of sharing gifts with one another to the explicit season of X mas and New Year ahead. What we are doing is connecting all people through our website to this Christmas occasion to share their joy by giving gifts to their secret friends. You can choose your favourite gift for your secret friend and leave the rest to us. We will be cross matching your gifts to our logins and delivering to your X mas friend. Meanwhile you will be getting back your excited gifts too from your picked surprise friend. We will also provide the contact details of your new Christmas friend after delivering your gift of joy.

In this campaign,

  • Participation is free
  • You will definitely get a gift
  • You will get two person as your new friends
  • (To whom you are sending gift and from whom you are receiving gift)

  • You will get the friend on the basis of your login date and time.
  • (we will publish the list later)

  • We will share the contact details of your two friends to you
  • The participant should give a gift to another person.

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